caelan angell

Outdoor Educator

We are immersed in the natural world. Whether in the middle of New York City, or the Northern Cascade mountains we are participants within those ecological communities. Despite this, so often we forget to notice the other-than-humans who share these spaces with us. It is one of my deepest passions to notice and connect with these plant and animal neighbors. When I take the time to slow down and tune into the natural rhythms around me I feel more human. I hope to bring these experiences of connection and peace to you, guiding you through practices to expand and focus your awareness, and develop your knowledge of local species through writing prompts that will expand your capabilities as a writer.

Hello! This is my story.

Caelan has worked for nearly a decade as an outdoor educator teaching children and adults alike the skills necessary to engage with the other-than-human world (nature). Some of these skills include plant and animal identification, survival skills (fire making, shelter building), navigation, and tracking.

Caelan’s education at The Evergreen State College explored holistic education, ecology, cultural studies, and writing and communication. His time at Evergreen prepared him to offer engaging classes for many levels of experience.

My Education

The Evergreen State College
BA Ecology of Learning

My Experience

Vashon Wilderness Program
Lead Instructor
Twin Eagles Wilderness School
Lead Instructor