Soap Opera for English Learners: Samantha, a story of love, betrayal and transformation

Soap Opera for English Learners: Samantha, a story of love, betrayal and transformation

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Class Description


Learning needs to be fun. We will use the soap opera, Samantha, written specifically for students studying English as a second language. You’ll increase your vocabulary, get reading, writing, listening & speaking experience in a relaxed manner. You’ll experience the range of human emotions and the complexity of relationships via the genre of Soaps. We’ll also explore idioms while learning about the American culture, with a focus on the arts.

I welcome all age-groups, 18 and above and especially love teaching seniors. I myself, am learning Spanish and know first-hand what it means to be an "older learner". Join me on this exciting journey of becoming a proficient English speaker.


Class Requirements


Students should have a basic understanding of English, i.e. this class is for high beginners and above. Everyone may participate as much or as little as wanted. If you’re a newer student and prefer to listen and read before practicing writing & speaking…that’s just fine. Take the leap!


Class Supplies


It is not required but it is highly recommended that you purchase the Samantha workbook:
That way you can do all of the supplementary exercises. There is also a Kindle version available.



I'm a total beginner, is this class appropriate for me?

All levels are welcome to attend, but if you are brand new, it would be best to just listen. Some students do well attending classes that are a bit above their level, others get frustrated. I always recommend one try things out and then decide.

Are there any supplies I need?

Of course paper and pencil for note taking. I would also recommend purchasing the workbook as mentioned under class supplies.

Technology wise - what is the best set-up?

It is best practice to use headphones for the best audio quality. Hopefully your internet connection is strong so you can experience high quality video and audio as well.
Please remember to silence cell phones and find a tranquil, quiet location where you won’t be disturbed.

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