Melinda Lowrey

English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher

Experienced in teaching English to all levels...from beginner to fluent, Melinda is dedicated to assisting her students reach their full potential. A native English speaker, her teaching includes all areas required for becoming proficient: reading, writing, listening, speaking. She is skilled at creating well-structured, relaxed, and enjoyable classes.

Welcome to my language journey…

My entire lifetime has been spent learning “languages”. What do I mean by that? A language is not just something we speak It can also be something we “do” or “experience”. I realized years ago that my entire life has been about pursuing numerous forms of communication:

1. Music – I spent over 20 years learning the language of music, and then teaching the language of music.
2. Software Programming – I spent 30 years in the tech industry, learning 10 different languages and then spent many years teaching both engineers and end-users.
3. Fiber – I spent 15 years learning the languages of knitting, crochet, weaving, dyeing, tapestry & spinning.
4. The body – I have spent over 40 years learning the language of the “body”. First in my own practice and then I became a teacher of yoga, Qi Gong & Ai chi.
5. ESL teacher – I have spent the last several years studying and teaching the English language as well sharing my love of our rich culture.

So…language is connection, in many and various forms. I invite you to join my classes and grow stronger and more confident in your English language journey; expanding your connection to the world around you.
Take the plunge!

My Education

California State University Dominguez Hills
Bachelor or Arts (Music)
California State University Long Beach
Masters of Arts coursework
Pacific Oaks College
Early Childhood Development coursework
Santa Rosa Junior College
Software Engineer Certificate
International TEFL Academy
Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language

My Experience

Music Teacher
Taught private piano lessons
ChildCare Educator
Supervised an on-site nursery for infants of single teenage mothers
Software Engineer
Programmed in 10 languages at 7 companies over 30 years
Yoga Teacher
Private, personal and group lessons in yoga, Qi Gong & Ai Chi
ESL Teacher
Teaching private and group lessons for individuals, Paper-Airplanes, Live Classes online