Roku Channel Development

Roku Channel Development

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Class Description


Roku Channel Development will take you through all three methods of making a Roku Channel no matter if you are a beginner or you have a working knowledge. The overview of this class is to explore using Content Management Systems, Direct Publishing, and the SDK method. We will explore Screnegraphs and AWS options as well.


Class Requirements


This class requires the following: A free Roku Developer account. A free tier AWS account. A email address, a computer with a graphic editing software of some sort, Eclipse IDE and a text editor.


Class Supplies


A laptop of desktop with internet access



Will I be able to create my own TV app for the Roku Box when I am done with this class?

Yes. In this course we will make 4 apps one using a CMS, one using Direct Publishing, two using SDK method with one being a on demand type and the other being a live streaming app.

How hard is this to grasp?

Not hard at all. You will have a mastery of the CMS and Direct Publishing methods by the end of class and a good working knowledge of Brightscript when are done.

If I have problems is their extra help.

All current and past students can reach me via slack, discord, email and if Zoom when time permits. I will help you.

No Schedules Currently Available.