ernest harris

Brightscript Teacher

Working in the computer, media, and design industry for over numerous decades I have enjoyed and experienced many tasks that has led me to want to pursue and share my talents with others. I am the founder and CEO of, Shiavamedia Inc. where my skills are exemplifying my passion. My vicinity of specialism is based on an enormous scale, which are entitled to a few services, but not limited to: App Developer, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design. I am strongly committed to the development of leadership skills in expressing how the technology world can further be advanced. Among engineers and other professionals in the technology industry I consider myself active in my profession and students/clients will be able to learn knowledgeable aspects that will carry them to many concentrations of education.

Who am I?

My computer journey started with the Tandy Color Computer 2 and the Atari 2600. I have always been excited about Computer Science and I taught myself to repair, program, and design over the years. Simply put I am a self taught computer programmer who have over 30 years of working experience.

10 years ago my mother lost her battle with Stage 4 breast cancer. I began learning Roku app development as a way to take my mind off of her death. Brightscript which is a small in house language that was created by Roku was more a hobby to me, 10 years later its one of the most in demand languages in programming.

My Education

Excelsior College
BS/MS Computer Science (still attending)

My Experience

Shiava Media