Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness

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Class Description


Personal Fitness is a course that covers a wide array of topics that include types of weightlifting (past and current), basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques, workout planning & creation, physiology, nutrition, understanding nutrition, and nutritional planning, research, and goal setting. By the end of this course, the student will be able to create an exercise and nutritional plan and execute that plan with full knowledge they have retained from class.


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Class Supplies


Notebook and writing utensil



Do I need to have prior knowledge or have exercised before?

No, you do not. This course will help everyone of all skill levels to achieve a personal goal or help them break through a plateau they can’t can’t seem to get past.

What kind of information does this course offer?

This course offers the student personal knowledge of fitness, exercising, and nutrition. The same knowledge they would gain from hiring a personal trainer.

Will there be live instructional examples?

At points, when arranged ahead of time, there will be live instructional examples. However, most of the time instructional videos will either be made ahead of time or referenced.

Why does the class cost what it costs?

On average, personal trainers are paid $25 an hour. This class might seem expensive, but the $250 is what you would pay for 10 sessions with a personal trainer. This class is going to give double that. So, you’re getting twice as much time to gain any knowledge you’re seeking.

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