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Hi! My name is Jamison. I'm a new instructor here and I teach two different courses; Personal Fitness & Script Writing. I hope that one of these subjects is a passion of yours or peaks your interest. If it does, sign up for one of my courses and lets get you on the road to achieving a new fitness goal or getting that idea you've had for a movie finally down on paper. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Hello! This is my story.

Hi! My name is Jamison and am a new instructor here. I teach personal fitness and script writing. I’m 36 years old, a new father to my daughter who just turned six months old and am looking forward to teaching two of my favorite passions; exercising and script writing. When it comes to exercising, I have been an athletic all my life and have played numerous sports. And, just like everyone else, I had to start somewhere. I was a varsity level gymnast in high school and I actually started coaching when I was thirteen and did that all the way up till I was 23. I was an avid baseball player and I also play flag football for a local recreational sports organization. But my real passion is exercising as weird as that sounds.

I didn’t start my weightlifting until I was in my late 20’s. I have trained in most aspects of weight lifting. I have done powerlifting and bodybuilding. My bodybuilding, I primarily focused on the physique and classic bodybuilding aspects of the sport. Once, I achieved those milestones, I started personal training and have been doing it for over four years now, with a lot of happy clients. But, I only got to where I did because I had a lot of good trainers over the years teach and show me various aspects of that have provided me with a great knowledge basis which I hope to share with you in my personal fitness class.

My script writing passion didn’t come till later on. I am a movie buff! I really should have went to film school, but it just didn’t seem like a viable avenue for me. I was in my last semester at community college and I needed a writing course. The school really wasn’t offering anything that I was interested in, when I came across script writing. Needless to say, I love movies and wanted to be able to possibly write one someday, so I took the class and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I lucked out when I took that class because my teacher, who is now my co-writer, learned his skills from and industry pro insider, which I had the benefit to learn personally. I have been writing now for just over three years. I have been involves in numerous project and have numerous projects of my own in the works. I have been invited to contests and have copywritten work, as well.

These are my two main passions. I hope that one of them peaks your interest and I hope to see you in one my classes.

I teach two courses on Live Classes. I teach a personal fitness class that teaches individuals, both beginners to advanced athletes, various aspects of weight lifting and nutrition. In personal fitness, we discuss a wide array of topics ranging from the basics of weight lifting, to advanced aspects of lifting, nutrition, personal goals, research, and using all this information to create a plan that works for you.

Script writing will teach you an integral part of the film industry. Without it, there would be no film industry. It’s story telling. And the magic of story telling is being able to put that idea down on paper and make it come to life. This course will teach you how to develop and idea, whether it be for film, tv, or the stage. From there, you will learn how to bring that idea to completion learning how to form dialogue, character development, formatting a scrip, editing that script, identifying plot holes, and even how safely protect your work and possibly gain notoriety from your hard work.

My Education

SUNY Oswego
B.A. Criminal Justice, minors:Philosophy & Economics
Onondaga Community College
A.A. Criminal Justice

My Experience

Self - employed
Self - employed
Personal Trainer