Home and Business Organizing

Home and Business Organizing

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Class Description


Organize and declutter your environment with the assistance of a seasoned professional!


Class Requirements


A genuine desire to create an organized environment.


Class Supplies


Cardboard boxes, trash bags, a sharpie, a pad and pen or pencil. If you have a couple of small/medium sized baskets, those may be helpful, but don’t buy anything new at this point.



Education and Training

I have assisted MANY individuals with decluttering their homes and offices. I have worked with a variety of businesses, non-profits and individuals. I did accounting and bookkeeping for 20+ years and am familiar with business and personal documents. I have set up filing systems, organized paperwork flow and implemented record retention guidelines for optimum efficiency.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire an Organizer?

Find someone you feel compatible with and is sensitive to your needs and goals. YOU are the one who will be living/working in the space, and you need to feel confident that your organizer is in your corner and does not have their own agenda.

What should I consider before talking to an organizer?

What is/isn’t working in my space? What are my ultimate goals? What is my timeline? What is my budget? Do I have the time required to commit to the process? Am I ready and willing to let things go?

Example of a prior project.

Projects I have worked on have been so varied! Every person has a slightly, or very different, situation. I worked on a project with a woman who was planning to host a shower in her home for a relative. The space had to be decluttered and organized to accommodate everything, AND her ceiling had sprung a leak. She reported that the shower did go well!

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