Margaret Lewis

Home and Business Organizer

I was born with a love of organizing and an innate ability to visualize spaces and create systems. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping others.


I am passionate about organizing. Additionally, I have many years of experience with a variety of businesses, large and small, which has enabled me to become familiar with most documents and processes. Organizing has also allowed me to meet wonderful people over the years! A disorganized environment causes stress. It also causes waste of both time and money. Organization brings calm and peace to your life.

My first step in helping someone is getting the details of their current situation and fully understanding their ultimate goals. I honor where each person is in their decluttering journey, and never push someone out of their comfort zone. Some questions might be: “Have you always lived with clutter or has an event led you to your current situation?” “What is bothering you most?”, Are you willing to part with items?”, “Do you have goals, a timeline?” “What questions do you have for me?”

This is not your typical organizing class! There are so many classes out there that tell you how to organize, but they do not really actually accomplish anything. In this class we are going to organize, not just talk about it! I have found that most people are fairly capable of organizing Whether they realize it or not, they just want someone there with them.


Bookstore Owner
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Lifelong Volunteer