Moving Beyond the Symptoms and Trauma

Moving Beyond the Symptoms and Trauma

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Class Description


Do you have a desire to assist yourself and others in overcoming the energetic aspects of Long Covid and the adverse side effects of the Covid vaccinations?


Do you feel frustrated when you or someone important to you appears to be stuck in the healing process?


We, Gabriele and Sarah, were faced with similar challenges. Both of our family members and our clients were affected, and conventional medical solutions no longer seemed to be sufficient. In our search for answers, we discovered innovative techniques and protocols, on an energetic level, that went far beyond the conventional approach. They are unlike anything you have seen or heard of before.


Today, the health and inner harmony of our family members and many of our clients have significantly improved. This shift is a result of the energy work we have done for others and ourselves.


This journey has not only transformed us personally, but it has also shown us what our true calling is: to support and guide those who find themselves in similar circumstances.


If this opportunity appeals to you, we invite you to join us in our 8-week workshop “Moving Beyond the Symptoms – Understanding Covid, Long Covid and Covid Vaccines”.


You will receive tools and techniques that we found to be very effective in assisting clients suffering with Long Covid and/or Covid Vaccine side effects on an energetic level.


In this 8 – week workshop you will experience, receive, and learn:
– Opening and closing blessing for all 8 Modules.
– Detailed introductory information on the topics of Covid, Long Covid, and Vaccines on an energetic level
– 5 Meditations including recordings and downloads
– 1 extensive Covid and Shedding Energy Protocol each
– 1 Vaccine Energy Protocol EACH for various Covid vaccines and boosters (total of 7)
– 5 revolutionary energy therapy techniques
– 3 Breakout Sessions to practice new techniques with another course participant
– Important information regarding energy protection
– Beneficial Supplements for Covid
– The magic of utilizing breath to release blockages
– Trauma explained on an energetic level – personal and collective
– Access to our private Telegram group
– Practice exercises for every week
– Recordings of each workshop class
– Detailed documents of the above for you to keep and use
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Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Access to a reliable Internet Source
Zoom Account



What are the potential benefits of this course for me and my clients? How will it enhance my capabilities in assisting myself and others in ways that are currently beyond my reach?

This workshop can truly be life changing for yourself and your family and clients.


For yourself: You will be able to utilize the Protocols for your own self-care, providing you with a concrete tool to assist in the clearing of Covid and any Covid Vaccines in your energetic body. Along with the protocols we provide you with tools to assist in healing energetic root causes of why you may be experiencing healing difficulties. Not only will you have a concrete Covid protocol tool, but you will also learn tools that you can apply in many other aspects of your life on yourself or others, such as energetic trauma clearing.


For your clients: You will be one of a small select pool that will be able to assist your clients with Long Covid and side effects of Covid and Covid Vaccines. You will be able to clear their energetic body with a concrete tool and assist in the improvement of symptoms. Along with the protocol, we will provide you with tools to assist in healing energetic root causes of why your client may experience difficulties healing. These tools can also be used in many different situations, such as energetic trauma clearing.

Is this protocol suitable for addressing acute Covid cases, or is it primarily focused on Long Covid?

YES! It is a perfect tool to use in acute Covid cases. However, many times clients do not come and see us unless they have been experiencing lingering discomfort and may possibly be suffering from Long Covid. However all these tools can be used at the start of acute Covid symptoms to clear the energy body.

Is there a hands-on component to the course, or is it primarily theoretical? Can I expect practical exercises and applications to enhance my learning?

We will present one to two new protocols, techniques, or meditations each week. All of them can be self-applied and will be taught accordingly in the workshop. Most of these protocols, techniques, and meditations can also be utilized for practical application with friends, family, or clients. We strongly encourage you to use these tools throughout the week so that you can come to the live call with any questions or thoughts. Furthermore, during our live call breakout sessions, you will get the opportunity to practice new techniques with other students.

How much time do I need to allocate for this course per week?

Expect to dedicate around 3 – 4 hours per week, which includes participation in the 2-hour live calls and completing assigned practices and activities. It is important to note that you will have continuous access to the course materials, allowing you to learn at your preferred pace. We have deliberately spaced out the recorded live calls on a weekly basis to ensure that you can revisit and review the content as needed for a full understanding of the material prior to the next call.

Unable to attend some or all the live sessions of the workshop?

No worries! Your access to the profound insights of “Moving Beyond the Symptoms and Trauma– Managing Covid, Long Covid and Covid Vaccines” remains unimpeded. Upon registration, you will have access to all session recordings once they are uploaded every week, allowing you the flexibility to watch them at your convenience. Don’t miss out on experiencing the incredible potential of clearing the energy body of Covid, Long Covid and Covid Vaccines.

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