Miscellaneous Talents Involving Algorithms

Miscellaneous Talents Involving Algorithms

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Class Description


Welcome to our class! During this class we will explore the world of algorithms through fun activities. The purpose of this class is to allow you understand the basics of different skills and apply them using a series of step to better equip yourself.


Some of these talents will include music development, chess analytics, rubiks cubes progression, skateboard mechanics, 3d in space, regular algebra, basketball physics, and baking.


Class Requirements


Affinity to learn and openness to listen.


Class Supplies


Access to computer or internet



What is an algorithm?

These are a series of steps, instructions, or sequences that have may changing components or cause a desired outcome.

Will this class require math expertise?

No, Just basic Division, Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction or (D.A.M.S)

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