Dennis Okello


Language Skills: Spoken and Written English – Fluent Spoken and Written Swahili– Fluent Spoken and Written Sign Language- Fluent I.T. Skills: Proficient user of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, MS Project and Excel Proficient user of Matlab, Python, and C+ Proficient user of PC troubleshooting Soft Skills: Public Speaking Critical Thinking Listening

Aloha! Do You Like Puzzles?

Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Dennis Okello, although feel free to call me KD. I am a Kenyan born citizen who resides in the U.S performing research on longboard biomechanics and freelancing as a stylist when time allows. I have taught for 8+ years starting as a tutor with elementary students to instructing at the collegiate level. If you’re into learning about physics, mathematics, random skills like juggling, or sports mechanics my class will look to address and explore fun stuff like that.

Hobbies: longboarding, coaching, basketball, reading

Fun fact: I’m a sponsored pro longboarder!

My Education

Harvard University
Physiology (2018)
University of Oxford
Lehigh Carbon Community College
Engineering (2017)

My Experience

Harvard University
Abstract Reviewer
Forever 21
Assistant Stylist
University of Pennsylvania
Math Professor