Learn your camera’s creative modes and say goodbye to auto!

Learn your camera’s creative modes and say goodbye to auto!

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Class Description


This exciting online virtual course will help you understand and teach you 35mm photography by learning just two camera modes! That’s right – two camera modes that will take care of 90% of your photographic subjects! You will be taught the basic recipe known as “the photographer’s triangle” while learning your 35mm DSLR camera, your “tool” to creating and capturing your art with hands-on instruction. Our goal is to get off the “auto everything” settings and learn to gain creative control of our camera. This course is designed to help you improve your photography and become a skilled artist by learning the “art and science” of 35mm photography and also boost your confidence.


Class Requirements


35mm Digital SLR camera with "A" or "Av" and "S" or "Tv" settings.


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What kind of camera do I need for the course?

A 35mm digital camera with the settings "A" or "Av" and "S" or "Tv". A digital SLR (DSLR) is highly recommended.

What software or hardware are you using to teach the course?

This is a virtual course using Zoom and Powerpoint.

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