Introduction to Astronomy Part 3: Basic Astrophotography

Introduction to Astronomy Part 3: Basic Astrophotography

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Does the Cosmos fascinate you? Do you often find yourself starring up at the night sky with jaw-dropping awe? Would you like to learn more about our cosmic neighborhood? Well, it’s time to hop on board the cosmic express and take a journey from our precious planet earth to our solar system and beyond! In this follow up course to Part 2, Instructor and astrophotographer Ronald Zincone will teach you how to get started in the fascinating “off-shoot of amateur astronomy” called astrophotography! He will cover the first and most basic level of astro-imaging known as Basic Camera-on-Tripod Astrophotography! Topics such as choosing and using equipment, such as cameras, lenses, accessories, and much more! You will learn the “How-to” as well as the celestial subjects ideal for basic astro-imaging, tips and techniques, do’s and don’ts and ronald’s own celestial imaging secrets to obtaining great photos! Zincone has loved the night sky and astronomy since childhood and now presents this exciting celestial program in a very user-friendly, educational and humorous style.


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