Designing your own professional business logo (Part 1)

Designing your own professional business logo (Part 1)

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Class Description


We will start by identifying the business name and how it is to be displayed. Next we will plan our approach, to determine if we will conceptualize with the words or an image, or both. Upon the fore-mentioned planning, we will begin our preliminary sketches. While we are sketching and refining our ideas, we may take short "refresher" breaks to discuss logos and why they are important. Also, we will discuss how to take our sketch to the final level, whether we plan to do it ourself or obtain a production specialist to assist.


Class Requirements


Ideally, a vision for the logo is a good idea or at least the imagination or openness to form concepts. No need to be an artist, but hand skills and imagination will definitely help. For students who have difficulty with this, I can assist in a more "hands-on" manner and the student can assume more of a client role. There is no right or wrong regarding this shift, if necessary.


Class Supplies


Sketch pad (no lines on sheets) and a few sharpened pencils. A dark fine-tip marker might also be helpful.



Do I have to be an artist to design my logo?

No, you just need imagination and a good understanding of the business you are doing the logo for.

Can I join the class if I have a client who wants me to design a logo for them?


Will the logo be final at the completion of class?

More than likely it will not be ready, as we will need to have it converted from your sketch pad to a digital, vector file. I will spend the last 15 minutes of class explaining how to complete the logo with very little difficulty.

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