Joel Ott

Assistant Professor

With a strong business acumen and thorough understanding of creative management, Joel comes highly recommended when it comes to brand and logo development. In his design career, spanning over 25 years, he has come across many clients who were capable of designing their own logo, whether it be for a client or their own company. With this came the inspiration to teach a class that could allow them to develop such a design, thus connecting to the process seamlessly.

Hello! This is my story.

Joel has been a consultant and full-time employer for a handful of firms and publishers over the years, but has enjoyed his time of self-employment the most, as it has supplied him with the most branding and logo design projects.

He speaks highly of the importance of branding and brand consistency in order to connect with new and existing clients on social media platforms, as well as traditional printed materials.

My Education

Wayne State College
BS in Graphic Communications

My Experience

Senior Designer
Self - employed