Conscious Perspective

Conscious Perspective

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Class Description


Welcome to Conscious perspective, this is a class that will make you see how consciousness or your alert awareness is the cause of all that takes place in your life. These classes are designed to equip you with the mental know how, or better yet the conscious awareness to know that you are the creator.


You are the creator of everything that you deal with within your life, as you can build or destroy and the kingdom or temple of consciousness lives within you.


Conscious perspective will take you on a journey into a realm that only a few have come to understand or even care about mastering.


This realm is within your mind, and the power that your mind holds is an understatement.


It would take us many lifetimes to truly master the mental powers that we really have, but for the purpose of this lifetime we will focus on the basics.


The basics that if properly understood and taken seriously it can work wonders beyond what we ever could imagine.


This class is for truth students and for individuals who want to go beyond the surface.


It’s for the individual that wants to activate and truly nourish their third eye.


Remember you will get out of this, exactly what you put in. This is why it’s important to put your all in.


Class Requirements


Focus and patient study.


Class Supplies


You don’t need any supplies, but it’s recommended you come ready to take notes.



How can this class help?

This class will help you by growing your focus, attention and helping to develop your awareness and certain gifts that were living dormant within you.

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