Rasheeal Dixon

Rasheeal Dixon

Rasheeal Dixon has over 12 years experience teaching Biblical Metaphysics and scientific concentration.

Enrich yourself and fuel your growth

Rasheeal Dixon started from humble beginnings from attending the zion spiritual church to studying various religions and spiritual philosophies.

He has studied Eastern spirituality, African spirituality and even many Native Indigenous systems.

What he has found is that although these systems are different and many have their own cultural spin, at their core they are all the same.

They all focus on the individual and making them connect with a divine sense of consciousness and once raised a person becomes one with their own divinity.

This connection is attained through various methods, but one long lost method that seems to elude many today is the fact that their thoughts create their reality, and their thoughts are what gives them access to their true divinity.

A seed planted today doesn’t bring forth fruit the same day, but once nourished and left to grow it will bring to life its kind.

Likewise true divinity and spirituality is the same.

A person will bring forth exactly what they plant in their mind whether good, bad or indifferent.

In the classes with Rasheeal Dixon you will learn the very essence of scientific concentration and Biblical Metaphysics.

Biblical Metaphysics is the practice of using the Bible as a psychological drama with instructions to program the mind, so that you can impress your subconscious mind with the desires of your heart.

Scientific concentration gives a person the ability to focus their mind in a way that will make them attain their goals through what they believe is their divine right.

Every lesson with Rasheeal Dixon will open your mind and give you clarity and understanding of your divinity, and how to use it to manifest and create rivers in the desert or a way in the wilderness of your mind.

Meditation and herb specialist