Anime For Beginners!

Anime For Beginners!

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Class Description


This is Anime class! We’ll learn how to draw through eight sections of my syllabus.


1. Advice. I will go over free resources that are available as well as discuss art exercises that can improve your skills.


2. Portraiture. We will go over the construction of the head, how to draw eyes, ears, mouths, etc. effectively and how to distort them for your own technique.


3. Anatomy. We will cover proportions as well as discuss how the human body is constructed and how to distort that for anime.


4. Hands/Feet. They’re tricky parts of the body so they deserve special attention. We will go over exercises as well as how to break them down and simplify them.


5. Poses. We’ll cover gesture drawings as well as line of action and refer to the resources in section 1 to practice without leaving the house.


6. Layouts/Environments. We’ll cover how to abstract layouts as well as partition them into different sections. There will also be coverage of various insights into backgrounds.


7. Lighting/Color. You will learn how to effectively apply color to your drawings and use it in a way to evoke light and dark without using the black and white method.


8. We will finally combine all the lessons together to create an effective scene in which you develop a character with a background and color.


Class Requirements


A quiet space with room to draw and an drive to draw.


Class Supplies


#2 pencil, eraser, any color pen, twenty sheets of blank paper. Color pencils or pastels or crayons are also required.


(OPTIONAL: digital art program and a tablet. There are many free digital art programs that equal priced programs. Feel free to ask me what to try out.)


No Schedules Currently Available.