Jane Paik


I live in Hawaii, Honolulu. As a twenty seven year old Korean American with a cleft palate, I faced unique challenges and difficulties during my life that has influenced my drive to do art. I hope to teach art in order to bring out the wonder inside them.

Hi, welcome to my life!

I grew up in Hawaii, Honolulu since I was 2. I consider it my home and wish to spread it’s values to other places. I learned how to do art at a very young age luckily! I hope to teach you how to love and enjoy art as well.

In my class, we will tackle many art exercises and face any challenges along the way. I am open to discussion and one on one help with students. I have taught art many times in my life and hope to teach people how to express the art inside them.

My Education

UH Manoa
Kapiolani Community College
Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts
Self Taught 20 years

My Experience

20 years of art experience