Yinimi Galego

Art Instructor

I have graduated from a VPA high school and have been working as an illustrator for the last 8 years. Some of the work I've done includes books, graphic design, painting, and sculpture. You can check out my work on Instagram @yinimi, click the "G" link below and it will redirect you to the page.

Hello Creatives ⊛

Welcome to “All Types of Art” !

Creativity is abundant in all forms. We use creativity every day to solve problems and cater to aesthetics. Nature uses it too, look at all the interesting animals and plants that exist! The courses I will provide are specifically for the people who say “I wish I was creative” or people who want to expand their bubbling creativity. As an outlet, art has a therapeutic quality as well. Together we will learn about which form of art expression is right for you, let’s get to creating!

My Education

Coral Reef Senior High
Visual Performing Arts Major, 2013

My Experience

Self - employed