William Parker

William R Parker III

Vocal Instructor

It’s Nice To Meet You!

I have been a private music instructor for 10 years, offering lessons in euphonium, flute, piano, and voice. I have taught students of all ages and skill levels, including special needs individuals. My ultimate goal is to help my students learn the techniques they need to perform the music they love to the best of their abilities. I can’t wait to see you in my class.

A little bit more about me. I started my musical journey at 3 years old when I sang my first solo in my preschool Christmas program. I was hooked. By 4th grade I was playing flute. I participated in music competitions through High School. While in High School I picked up Euphonium (an instrument that looked slightly smaller Tuba). In College I performed in a semi-professional show choir and continued my music studies. This is where I finally learned to play piano. Currently I am teaching private lessons, keeping up with my YouTube page, Composing and Arranging Music, and putting on my self-written children’s music program; Mini Musicians.

My Education

Valley Forge Christian College (now the University of Valley Forge)
Bachelor's Degree in Contemporary Vocal Performance (2011)

My Experience

Music Teacher
Lessons in Euphonium, Flute, Piano, and Voice (10 years)
Mini Musicians Creator/Producer
Children's Program teaching Music Basics (4 years)
Compose and Arrange Music (4 years)
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