Vanessa Smith

Licensed Nail Technician

Hello fellow artiste; my name is Vanessa but my friends call me Ms. Modestie. We are going to have some fun with nail art, the best part of it all is art comes in all forms so anyone can do it!

H! Im Modestie the Nail Tech

I’m happy to be here as a fellow creative my journey started when I was about your age. I started in my mother’s garage. I would set up an ironing board for my table with a variety of polishes. Being the only girl of 4 siblings, my mother made my brothers come into the garage and pretend to be my clients. That was one of the highlights of my childhood and the beginning of a promising career.

Im super excited to share with you some simple tips and tricks to make your nails look stunning. You will learn how to make your nails look like you just left the nail salon. We will start with nail prep, polish application and end with a fun design and glossy or matte top coat.

The Nail Clinic

Licensed Nail Tech in SC
Licensed Nail Tech in NC
Licensed Nail Tech in TX” subtitle=”Licensed since (2013)”]

My Experience

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