Thomas Oakes

4th Grade Teacher, Entrepreneur, Single Foster Dad

Welcome and hello! My name is Thomas, and I am stoked to be teaching here! I love teaching and working with kids, and I have been mentoring kids since I was 17 years old. I have worked with all age groups between work with my church, my personal mentorships, and my profession. Three young men I have mentored were very important to me, and I treated them as if they were my sons growing up. One of them lives in Honduras! I am very passionate about teaching information that people can use RIGHT NOW in their lives. Practical information that can be implemented immediately is my bread and butter. I want kids to be informed so they know all available options so they can avoid some of the mistakes that we all made growing up. Thank you for checking out my info, and I look forward to seeing you soon!!!

My Education

Grand Canyon University
Master's in Educational Leadership
Rowan Universty
Bachelor's in Elementary Education
Rowan University
Bachelor's in Writing Arts