Susan Jackson

Teacher Suzie

Hello friends! I am Teacher Suzie. So happy you are here. As a former homeschool mom for well over a decade I want to continue to share my love of reading with children. Finding the fun in the journey of reading is key to long-term reading success!


I developed a love of reading in the 5th grade. Prior to that, I did not enjoy reading. I did not see it as fun & I struggled with focus. However, in the 5th grade it changed when I read “The Cricket In Times Square” something just clicked and I finally enjoyed reading.

Reading such be fun. Not seemed as a chore. All it takes is finding what a child will enjoy. I passed a love of reading onto my own kids now aged 26 & 21. I taught them how to read at a very young age. Their reading skills in state exams far passed their piers. Finding the fun in the journey of reading is amazing.

My Education

West Coast Bible College & Seminary
BA in Theology (current)
Teflen College
TESOL Elementary
Guide Post Academy
How To Tell A Great Story Certified
Small Business Management DI

My Experience

Homeschool Teacher & HS Group President
11 years Teacher 4 Years Group President
Self - employed
ESL Teacher
Published Book as of Dec 2020
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