Steven Moses

Professional Musician

Are you ready to learn how to play your favorite songs on the guitar? Do you want to have a better understanding of music and how to apply music theory to the guitar to create your own songs? Do you want to play from the heart and step into yourself as a musician? Join Guitartistry and let your art be heard.

My Musical Background

I have been playing the guitar for 23 years. I began learning how to play guitar when I was ten and I have never stopped learning about the instrument. I have played in jazz ensembles, jam bands, and rock groups throughout my life. I first started touring when I was 23 and I became the lead guitar player for a singer songwriter out of Seattle named Rory Van James. Since then I have recorded 3 albums and have played with numerous groups within the Seattle/Pacific Northwest area. I moved to Barcelona for a couple of years and performed at blues clubs within the city. I currently live in Austin Texas as a professional musician, performing with the company MoonTower Entertainment.
Here are some videos of my performances:


Touring Musician
Rory Van James (2010-2011; 2018-2019) Born Relics (MAI Fest 2016)
Recording Musician
Rory Van James (2019) Born Relics (2020)
Guitar Instructor/Teacher

Current Employment

Moontower Entertaiment Austin Texas
Lead Guitar for Love and Happiness Band
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