shraya rajbhandary

Shraya Rajbhandary

Hello Welcome to the class. We will learn how to make Art.

Hello! This is my story.

Hello, My name is Shraya and i am an artist. I love teaching Art and learning new art techniques. After graduating with a Fine Arts Degree i have used my knowledge to teach people about the meditation that is art. So, join me as we meditate and learn about our self with the help of art.

I have realized that most people aren’t good at art because they look but can’t see. To make art we have to look at what is than what we think it is. In this class we will learn how to objectively look at nature and articulate what we see into our artwork.

My Education

Park University
Bachelors in Visual Arts and communication
Park University
Bachelors in Fine Arts

My Experience

Paper Culture
Graphic Designer
Young Rembrandts
Art Teacher