Sergio Lopez

Made You Look

Welcome to my "Made You Look" Course where I teach you how to make exact or skin teeth close to replicas of styles and trends you see on social media or the NetFlix show you've been binge-watching lately. I can break almost any garment down to a pattern and show you with every stitch how I am able to build it back up like it was mine from the jump and there I would have made you look.

Hello! My name Is Surj

I am a multidisciplinary extrovert. My main concertation is Fashion. I have studied fashion design since two-thousand and fourteen. My highschool prepared me, teaching skills in fashion design and graphic design. I went to college more than prepared and ready to take my skills to the next level. I attended Miami Dade College for Apparel Construction in two-thousand and sixteen. I got my first job as a Tailor at Bloomingdales Located in Aventura Florida. After, I left for New York and got a job as a Tailor for Nordstrom where my tailoring skills got honed. Later, I got a job at Levis. There they took my pre-existing denim knowledge and expanded on it teaching me the Stratus way. I was exposed to chain stitch embroidery and my store had an Epson custom T-shirt printer. I was trained in both. During my time working there, I took on internships with Anna Sui and Rachel Combe in their Production and Pattern Making. There my knowledge that I learned in school was brought to new levels based on the experience I gained. After Levis, I worked at Muji for a short period of time in their tailoring and embroidery. There I learned how to work computerized embroidery machines. I left Muji to Start my own freelance career taking on clients from my basement where I had two industrial sewing machines and three mannequins. This was such a great experience I got a contracted job with RSW Entertainment as a stitcher and I went own to taking private clients. I am very detailed in all of the jobs I listed above I’ve been punctual, detailed oriented, honest, and reliable. I’ve met the store quota and have done every job title to the utmost best of my job capability. when it comes to my Brand Surjalo, I have 11.3 thousand followers on Instagram, seventeen thousand on Twitter, and 11.6 thousand on Tictok. I sing, dance, act, and rap. It’s my goal to be a leader, a symbol of prosperity in this world for so many to follow. I love to learn and grow and teach others what I’ve learned as well and shared my story in life. below I’ve attached pictures of my most recent work. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


My Education

High School Diploma
Santaluces Community High School (2016)
College Diploma
AS Apparel Construction (2018)

My Experience

Rachel Comey
Pattern Maker Intern
Anna Sui
Pattern Maker/ Sample Maker Intern
Denim Tailor, Repairer, Chain Stitch Embroidery
Brooklyn Music School
Costume Designer
RWS Entertainment
Costume Designer/Stage tProduction
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