Scott Fallick

3D Printing Professor

I love 3D printing, and everything about it. I specialize in filament deposit materials (FDM), and can show you everything you need to know to make stunning objects that are fashionable, functional, and almost unimaginable! Even if you don't have a 3D printer, you can still get your creations made!

Hello, get ready to create stunning objects!

I’ve been 3D printing and designing for over 5 years! I have created things like my own inventions, art pieces, functional pieces, and tons of other objects. There are so few limitations with 3D printing, that EVERYBODY and ANYBODY can benefit.

Classes are arranged as a full beginner tutorial for 3D printing, and include the basics of 3D printing machines and terminology, using premade designs to print the objects we want, modifying premade objects to better suit our needs, and creating brand new objects from our imaginations using simple, free, online software. We will also go over 3D printers you can purchase, and locations with 3D printers that you can use!

My Education

Florida Atlantic University
BS in Economics

My Experience

3D Printing
5+ Years
Basic 3D designing
5+ Years
Autocad Fushion 360 Designing
3 Years