Samantha Saupe

Ukulele Teacher

I'm super excited to learn something from you as you learn from me! ^_^)/ I'm married, have a lovely 4 year old daughter, and 2 kitties! I play piano, drums, and ukulele. Creativity is my heartbeat and I express it in MANY forms (singing, writing, painting, etc.). Let's be creative together <3

What To Expect!

1. Expect to have FUN!!! No lesson is strictly lecturing. I enjoy getting to know what makes you unique, what peaks your interest, and why you share my love for music. ^_^)/ I use such details to create a more engaging class for you.
2. Expect to LEARN something new to you! We are going to be learning new things for the rest of our lives as we grow older. This is another creative notch in your “knowledge belt!” So approach the class with an open mind and a willingness to challenge yourself!
3. Speaking of challenges? Expect to challenge YOURSELF!!! You will get the chance to create your own piece of music and show it off to friends and family! In doing so, you see just how amazing and capable you are as an individual! Self-esteem is super important!

My Experience With Children

Wildwood Rec Center
Junior Leader
Jazzercise St. Pete
Children's Care
Bushido Academy
Program Director and Assistant Instructor
Grace Connection
Children's Church and Nursery Volunteer
From infancy to elementary ages
Pinellas County Schools
School Bus Driver

My Experience with Music

The Worship Center Headquarters
Worship Band Member (drums, piano, back up vocal)
At Home Musician ^_^)/
Bought my first ukulele when my daughter was born.
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