Sairub Naaz


With an adamant background of engineering and successfully running a software company, I know the nooks and crannies of programming and coding. Having been surrounded by tech people throughout my life, I have always been keen on being top notch! I own Simperio Technologies, which works in the field of website development and search engine optimization. My team and I serve to clients throughout America and Europe. Here's the link to my website: Having such a wide knowledge and background of coding, engineering, and development makes me what a person would look for in a tutor. I want to impart all the knowledge that I have, to the younger upcoming generation so that they can reach the level of professional developers and scientists before they even know!

Hello! This is my story.

I believe I can take a student from 0 to a professional coder in a matter of months! You can start solving problems on HackerRank, and be what you want. All you need is a push start and the technical knowledge because if you, as a student want to learn programming, then I, as a teacher, am here for you at every step of you learning process!

Web development in a fun task if you get onto it! Python is an amazing language and I’m sure that you will love this language as it has so much to offer!!!

My Education

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
MS in Robotics (2022)

My Experience

ABB Ltd.
Robotics Engineer (2020)
Simperio Technologies
Founder and CEO (Present)
Captain Coders
Coding Instructor (2019)