Saeed Ahmed

Jam Saeed Ahmed

I am Ph.D. Scholar in the field of scientific discipline chemistry. I'll teach chemistry to adult classes of almost all levels, moreover, I guide students in their research into a specific field (Density Function Theory). Urdu, Punjabi, and English are the languages that use in instruction/teaching according to the student's requirements. I also teach Quran-e-Pak to Muslim students.

My Work Experience

Teaching Assistant: Department of chemistry, Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Raheem Yar Khan, Pakistan (Oct. 29th,
2018- Mar. 10th, 2020).
Intern: Allied School Khan Bela (May. 5 th to Oct. 5th, 2017).
Lecturer: Iqra Girls College Khan Bela (April 1st, 2015- Sep. 30th, 2016).
Chemistry Teacher: Shaheen Secondary School Fateh Pur Kamal (Oct. 14th, 2014-

Participated in “Two-Day International Training Workshop on Scientific Paper and Patent Writing” Organized by Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ICESCO. Kingdom of Morocco, Rabat.
14th-15th December 2020.

My Education

MS Chemistry from Department of chemistry KFUEIT Rahim Yar Khan 64200, Punjab, Pakistan (2020)
Bachler in Chemistry (2018)
The Islamia University of Bahawalpur 63100, Punjab, Pakistan
Bachler of Science (2014)

My Experience

Teaching Assistant
Operating Linux, Avogadro, Crystal Explorer
Chemdraw, Chemcraft, Mercury, Argus Lab, Gausview, Gaussume
Multiwfn, PyMOlyze, Swizard, Origin, Gaussian, Zotero, IDM, Word, XL, Power Point and Paint etc.