Rona’e Walton

Rona'e Le' Shawn

Emotional intelligence Coach.

Hello! This is my story.

Hello there, My Name is Rona’e I am here because of my deep passion for Emotional Intelligence, Self awareness and Emotional Accountability. As I have been on the Journey of understanding myself along with the world around me ever since I can remember. I have always been very in tune with that in which I have felt and always so fascinated in the not “what” but “Why” in Emotional Awareness… SO, It is my Goal to not only share what I have learned along my journey but to aid in your development of a more enhanced and keen EQ. It’s been said that, often times Emotional Intelligence can be greater than the I.Q.. Here I plan to create an open floor for dialogue that will shed light on the depths of Emotions and provide a safe place to unmask.. I believe that No adult grows into an “ALL KNOWING” BE-ING therefore in constant need of safe places for developing Emotional Awareness and Growth.. So, lets Learn and Grow shall we… Ciao

My Education

School of Hard Knocks
Qualified By God
Massage Therapist and health Educator
National Holistic Institute ( 2004)
Freelance Life Coach

My Experience

15 years of Emotional awareness Practices
18years of Freelance Coaching