Rochell Smith

Certified Reiki Master & Life Coach

A powerful life-time online video course with LIVE group & 1-1 coaching, and a sacred community of like-minded people. Learn how to navigate your spiritual journey, heal from past pain, and manifest the love & life that you want.

Welcome! This is my story.

I am Rochell, a Spiritual Life Coach & Healer. I help people navigate through difficult relationships, heal from traumatic experiences, and find purpose in life. Overtime, I’ve helped many people heal from broken relationships, connect & learn more about themselves, and discover their life’s purpose. In the past, I’ve felt stuck in unfulfilled relationships, jobs, and in life, so I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. After doing some deep inner healing work, I felt like a NEW person… and as a result, I was able to shift negative subconscious beliefs and release blocks that held me back from stepping into my divine path. Now I am able to do the same for you!

There are two amazing transformational courses offered here. One is a class where you can learn how to navigate through your spiritual journey if you are embarking on a spiritual path. In this course, you’ll learn how to work with your shadow self, how to manifest the life you want, and how to spiritually protect yourself. So, if you believe that you are going through a spiritual awakening, this course is for you!

The other course is designed to help you heal from a toxic breakup and you will also learn how to practice self-love. If you have been in unhealthy relationships, and don’t know how to let go, move on with your life, and want to attract real love, this course is for you!

At the end of both courses, you’ll walk away with confidence in who you are, knowing your value & worth, and being able to manifest the mate and life that you want.

My Education

Strayer University
Associates of Arts in Business Administrative
Life Coach Training Institute
Certified Life Coach (2019)
Natural Healer
Usui Reiki Master (2023)

My Experience

Natural Healer
Reiki Practitioner
Self - employed
Spiritual Life Coach