Paula Roman


Paula Roman-Leon loved to draw and paint as a child and took many classes. After high school, she attended Portland School of Art 1981-1983. Known today as MECA in Portland ME. There, Paula studied different types of mediums. She minored in drawing and majored in Graphic Design. After art school, she was an industry veteran in graphic design for over 20 years. After having her 4th child, she freelanced as an illustrator and designer. Paula helped with a few projects at Nick Jr. and was part of a successful show called “Olivia”. She works now as a teacher in drawing, painting and crafts classes for all ages. Paula Lives in Springfield, VA. She has been married to Vladimir Roman-Leon for 25 years and has 6 children.

about me:

I have many years of experience in Graphic Design. I also have interests, plus experience in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, crafts and playing the ukulele.

1985 Blackstone Art Gallery, Portsmouth, NH


My Education

Harvard University
2020 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Rhetoric: The art of persuasive writing & public speaking
1981-1983 Maine School of Art/MECA, Portland, ME
Major Graphic Design, Minor Drawing

My Experience

1998-present/Self - employed
Assistant and Consultant Graphic Design