Paul McAniff


During his 15 year ten yer at some of the world's most renowned and recognizable video manufacturers, Paul McAniff established himself as a top presenter and trainer. He became known for his keen skill for communicating highly complex technical information and making it simple and relatable for audiences ranging from students and novices to top Hollywood filmmakers and broadcast engineers. His masterful abilities for inspiring understanding among audiences made him a highly coveted speaker at training and sales events throughout the U.S. He also put these abilities work during internal business proceedings within these organizations. Paul has worked for Canon U.S.A. Inc., Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America, and Adobe, Inc. He is currently the Founder of RECONsulting where he offers training, support, and customized research services for professional video technology companies.

How and Why I Can Make You a Better Presenter

I started public speaking when I was just 8 years old. In my life I have done public readings, policy debate, radio and TV broadcasting, theater, and a lot of public workshops and similar events. I grew accustomed to having eyes on me at an early age. I was lucky, because we all need to do it throughout our adult lives and it can be very challenging.

I have always found poor instructions and unclear explanations very frustrating. I have strived throughout life to explain things well. Something else I have struggled with is sitting through bad presentations or watching uncomfortable speakers. We have all had to sit through them, and it’s tedious.

It is my goal to teach you how to craft understanding in your audience through a process of developing a lesson. Every presentation is a lesson and every lesson is a performance. That doesn’t mean that you need to be completely extraverted and “on.” You need to be you and determine your comfort zone.

Nothing makes people more comfortable and confident than being completely prepared. I don’t just mean mastering the subject matter. I mean being prepared for anything that could go wrong and trip you up. I want you to understand how manage every room, every venue, every microphone you may be forced to use and every situation where that microphone or some other piece of equipment doesn’t work.

Instead of teaching you how just to manage anxiety and follow a few tried and true rules that you can look up on the internet, I will provide you with real world examples and practices that I have developed over the years to make your speaking engagements, big or small, more successful. I don’t offer a magic bullet that will make everything perfect after you take my class. I will give the tools and the insights that will help you develop into a stellar speaker in business, professional training, education and beyond.

My Education

New York Institute of Technology
BFA in Broadcast Journalism and Video Production

My Experience

Founder and CEO
Adobe Inc
Contributing Artist Recruiter, Video, Adobe Stock
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Professional Market Specialist