Nicolas Durik-Ha

Web/Application Developer

HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, Javascript, React.js, React Native, Node.js, jQuery, Python, Django, MonogoDB, Google Firebase, Android Studio, Docker, Webpack, Babel, Jest, Enzyme


My name is Nicolas, and I have 14 years in Web and Application development. I started as a teenager by teaching myself the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. I instantly loved being able to create fully functional programs my friends, and family could see and use. I just wish I has started sooner!

Throughout the years I have taught many people how to develop websites and applications, so I am very well versed in being able to break down the hard and abstract concepts of programming into bite-sized pieces so anyone can learn. I am currently working with a client to build a full-stack web app for parents and caretakers of autistic children to create user personalized book series’ to help with habits and coping mechanisms in everyday scenarios. I am even working with my client to teach her how to maintain, and understand the application!

My teaching style is all-inclusive. I am able to judge what level someone is operating on, and tailor my communication and teaching style to meet that. I am very motivational to work with, and never leave anyone behind. Are you or your kid/teen having a hard time picking up the course material? I will spend my own free time to help you 100% understand and absorb everything in the class.

My Education

Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN
University of Pittsburgh
B.S. Business Administration and Marketing
University of Pittsburgh
Dean's List for multiple semesters

My Experience

Self - employed
Freelance Web / Application Developer
Plaza Research - Denver
Assistant Director
Plaza Research - Denver
Project Manager
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