Michael Yublosky

Us(Two)-on-You - Personal Training

My wife Judy and I (Michael) have decades of experience teaching adults across many diverse subject areas. We’ve done large and small classes as well as one-on-one personal instructions, live in-person events as well as online. Judy has developed library training classes and YouTube instructional videos. She has taught US Citizenship test preparation to immigrants for 25 years. Judy was locally named ‘Best of the Best’ in our library district and a video of one of her class was featured on a local television channel for years. Michael provides sales and marketing training for small business, Internet marketing, LinkedIn profile optimization and marketing, WordPress websites, content marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), etc. For the past two years we have hosted WACI (Windows, Android, Computers, Internet) Mondays each week at Senior Planet. There we team up to teach technology and internet skills including a heavy emphasis on using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our Education

Judy - Southern Illinois University
Michael - Illinois Institute of Technology

Our Experience

Judy - Small Business Owner (1990)
Michael - Business Consultant (2010)