Michael Cavadini

Tarot Teacher

Hello. My name is Michael. My pronouns are he/him, and I am 32 years old. Do you feel that there something just out of reach, beyond the veil of the everyday, that you want to know more about? Are you curious or looking to pick up a fun hobby? Have you had a spiritual awakening that you want to explore? Is challenging yourself something you find enjoying or something you want to try to do more? Tarot cards just might be the perfect fit for you, and I'm here to teach you how.

My Tarot Philosophy

I started my tarot journey when I was 15. My first deck was a Rider-Waite my father had purchased for me at the local bookstore. Back then, the tarot cards were located in the “Religious Topics” section of the store alongside the different versions of the Bible and authors’ accounts of their divine epiphanies. I asked him to buy it for me because I was curious. There was a mystique about the cards that drew me towards them, and I wanted to know more. The first readings I did were alike those experienced by many a fledgling reader; they were based entirely on the little booklet that came with the deck and done for family and friends. Nothing quite clicked though. The mystery of the cards was still there, but I couldn’t quite dig down enough to reach it.
I put the cards away and focused on the other things teenagers do until I finished my first year of college. As a chemistry major, I had to give it my all to keep my head above water, but the challenge of my schoolwork taught me more than balancing chemical equations or coffee cup calorimetry. It taught me how to dig deeply into a subject. Once the summer came, and I was free of my collegiate constraints, I found myself thinking back on the cards. I chose to dig deep. I began taking notes on the cards and their meanings. I researched their history and the common lore surrounding them. I bought a couple of reference materials and practiced whenever I could. By the time I was scheduled to go back to fall semester following my 19th birthday, I was ready to read for others.
Some might call my experiences over the next few years somewhat of a trial by fire. I would offer readings to any and all around me. Whether on break with coworkers or classmates or at a house party where I knew only one or two people, I had my cards out on a table and was ready to perform. There were difficult times. I had to learn on the fly and trust my intuition. Some disagreed with what I had to say. Others would break down in tears. There were moments where I wasn’t sure of what I was telling myself or if I was confident in my interpretations. However, these tribulations shaped the tarot philosophy I hold currently; to know the self in the present, from every angle and eave, pure of bias and fear, is to be at peace with one’s past and to be certain of one’s future.
Presently, I feel that it is time for me to help other curious individuals begin their tarot journeys. Now, more than ever, people are looking towards divine tools such as the tarot to help them understand themselves and the world around them. Let’s build a solid foundation and start you off on the right track.


Southern CT State University
BS Chemistry (2010)


Tarot Reader
13 Years
Tarot Teacher
5 Years