Meghan Wooley

Life Skills for kids

Greetings! I am 29 yrs old and have been raised in the south my whole life. I have enjoyed a wide variety of experiences as both a child and as an adult that I hope to bring to my class and help kids become more independent and prepared for life. I have 2 older sisters and 4 nieces and nephews that are my world. I have 2 dogs and have had over 13 cats, a few fish, and a guinea pig. I have always worked with kids almost every job I have ever had and I enjoy the experience. I look forward to teaching your child life skills and safety that is appropriate for their age.

My Experience

I have had many jobs over the years due to constantly moving around the South. I have worked at a Dry Cleaners, Pre-K Teacher, Kitchen Manager, College Tutor, Nanny, Gas Station Clerk, Caterer, Warehouse Worker and most recently an Emergency Dispatcher for Police, Fire and EMS. All of these job experiences and many others have made me either wish I knew something when I was younger or I learned something to help myself and others as I grew older. Does your child know how to be the best helper for themselves and you as the parent? Do they know how to look out for themselves on a field trip? Does your child know what to do if there is an emergency? This class is going to cover many things and in a fun way. They will go where I go and we will learn together.

My Education

Western Governor University
Bachelor of Business Management 6/21
Texas Bible College
Bachelors of Christian Education (Salutatorian) '15

Work History

Emergency Dispatcher
911, Police, Fire and EMS
Pre-K Teacher
4-5 yrs old advanced curriculum
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