Mary Krigbaum


I love what I do, and I love to share it with others. Being a self-taught artist, I see something that I want to learn, learn it, then share it with others.


As an adult, Mary put away her childish pursuits to concentrate on exploring the world of business, but art gently lured her back. Working with physically challenged adults in the states of Washington and Arizona, Mary found that she had an affinity for these people that others do not have. Through mediums such as art, she was able to help in ways that others could not.

She re-discovered art—or art re-discovered her. Mary learned to paint in 1995. She switched to painting with her left hand in 2006, a process she learned from reading a book called The Power of the Other Hand.
Mary is a natural teacher. She wrote The Powers of the Right Brain in 2015 in order to help others discover the art which has come to define her. This book is the inspirational and rousing autobiography of one woman’s quest instigated by her encounter with magical treasures and spiritual art. Readers follow Mary on a journey of discovery and development which was as life-altering as it was humbling. This is a stimulating story for lovers of art which chronicles how art transformed her into the artist she so beautifully became.

She taught classes in Fluid Art for Yavapai College which helped her students discover an exciting way of using paint in unending spirals and swirls to create objects of great beauty.

My Education

Eton Technical Institute, Everett, Washington
Computer Office Administration

My Experience

Yavapai College - OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning)
Michael's Arts and Crafts
Art instruction
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