Marvin Shavers

Professional Photographer

My name is Marvin Shavers, professional photographer, prior military, and I am super excited to take you on a journey to better photography. This online course will start you off with the basics of photography and take you down the road to being successful at photographing things you always wondered how to photograph.

Who is Marvin Shavers?

I am the owner of International Photography by Marvin, a full service photography studio. I have been a professional photographer. for 40 years. My first studio was in Texas. I then opened one in Maryland before moving to Italy where I had one of the largest photography studios in Northern Italy. I specialized in portraits and high fashion photography. After 18 years in Italy, I returned to the United States for family reasons and opened up a studio in Florida, where I presently reside.
I have had my photographs published in automotive magazines, fashion magazines and newspapers. My photographs have also hung in art galleries in Texas and Italy. My photographs have won awards and brought joy to many.

My Education

Wayland Baptist University
University of Arkansas
Business Management

My Experience

International Photography by Marvin, Owner 1980-present