Marcus McNeal

Chairperson& Chief Executive Officer

Marcus S. McNeal is 28 years old from Montgomery, Ala... Mr. McNeal has founded eight start-ups since 21. Mr. McNeal currently serves as the Chairperson and CEO of Effervescent Ventures Inc & Subsidiaries. He is also the active CEO of the subsidiary Junction Roadside LLC.

Hello! This is my story.

I learned the ins and outs of the business industry. In working with those individuals, I obtained precious information from corporate formations, operations, structures, private shares, developing subsidiaries, Financial Allocations, and so much more.

Being a CEO & constantly addressing partners, investors, the public, and team members, public speaking becomes second nature in leadership.

I have a heart and a dedication to share the knowledge I have learned over the past seven years of being an entrepreneur. So My students can take the information and business process that I teach them and use them as a foundation to grow.

My Education

James Madison High School online

My Experience

Founder & CEO Conjunction Multicultural Advertising LLC
Chairperson & CEO Monkey Town USA Inc
Chairperson & CEO Urban Print Shop Inc
Chairperson & Founder Effervescent Ventures Inc.
CEO Stylusion Productions LLC
CEO Stylusion Talent & Management LLC
CEO African American Venture Coalition Inc
CEO Marcus The Business Consultant LLC
CEO Junction Roadside LLC