Lynn Attermeyer

Meditative and Expressive Art Instructor

I hold a bachelors of Art in Graphic Design, however fine arts has always been my passion. I have learned that art can be used as a unique form of mindfulness. Art can be used to de-stress, create presence, and cultivate creativity. I have extensive experience working with adolescence and youth, both through volunteer activities, and through internship experiences as well. At this age self esteem, self confidence and self awareness are critical qualities to grow and develop, and my courses aim to do just that.

Why Meditative and Expressive Art?

Hello! Let me be your instructor for Meditative and Expressive Art. In this class we will take a holistic approach to Art. Through working with colors, patterns and mandalas we will explore ideas around self awareness and mindfulness. Patterned art can be created with meaning and intention, while also creating presence and self awareness.

Creating patterned art can reduce stress and tension, while bringing awareness to the present moment. The colors in art can be used as a way to express our authentic selfs in a safe, fun way.

This class is for beginners and experts alike. Everyone can start where they are, without judgement.


Longwood University (2007)
BFA in Art, concentration in Graphic Design, Minor in Psychology
The Catholic University of America (Present)
Pursuing MSW - Clinical Social Work


Production Artist (2008-2018)
Art Production Artist
Self - Employed
Artist - Freelancer