Louis Wendlander

Wild Crafter, Gardener, & Fledgling Herbalist

A transplant to the Oregonian biome from Chicago, IL, Louis P. Wendlander is presently a student in Herbal Medicine and soon to be pursuing certification in Horticulture & Botany when circumstance allows. An avid and veracious self educator, he is obsessed in learning the folkloric, spiritual and medicinal significance of the plants he comes into contact with where he transmutes that know-how into the products he crafts and sells. He is passionate and devout in learning and sharing with others in how to respectfully interact with the natural world, taking into consideration indigenous peoples and the natural order when doing so. Louis has also volunteered on Committees in advocating for LGBTQ rights up in the City of Roses (Portland) and holds inclusivity as well as empathy close to his heart.


It’s so nice of you to stop by! My name is Louis Wendlander; I go by he/him or they/them. I am an Herbalist in training, a Wild Crafter and a practitioner of Green Witchcraft. To me, compassionately interacting with the world around me is very important and a core tenet of how I operate and educate. My dream is to one day own a homestead where I can cultivate my own land and share it with others to teach them hands on about self sustainability and stewardship to our magnificent, magical planet. Presently, however, I tend a small garden of my personal accord where I primarily grow medicinal herbs; namely Lavender. I love Lavender.

One of my specialties is creating art with plant matter and things you can easily collect on a hike or a simple stroll through your neighborhood. There is so much beauty in the geometry of our natural world, and if we attain it with care, we can bring a piece of Mother Earth within the hearth and home.

More formally, I am an artist and I have sold my work well over a decade. I am a Jack of all Trades in a crafting sense, having an aptitude in digital artistry, sewing, sculpting, floral arrangement, wild crafting, creative writing, and jewelry making. There is a point in my life where I have crafted and sold any number of those things in a professional sense. I am always tinkering with something and honing my craft whenever possible! Have a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me.

My Education

The Second City - Chicago
Improvisation and Public Speaking

My Experience

Freelance Artist
Commission Based Artwork and Crafting.
Assistant at 9th House Divine Shop
Product Coordinator, Creator and Packager.
Private Tarot Reader
Conducting personal sessions on Spirituality (nondenominational) and Divination.
Arts & Crafts Tutoring
Tutoring individuals in digital artistry and wild crafting.
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