Kyrra Dailey


Greetings lovely beings! My name is Kyrra Dailey, but you can call me Professor K. I studied the mind in school and decided to connect the soul and the body in my individual practice. I practice the art of healing. I have 3+ years of experience with spiritual healing, guided therapy and motivational dance. I like to help heal others as I do for myself. Let's learn and grow together!

Greetings! Welcome to my life!

I am a motivational speaker, guiding counselor, and spiritual healing professor. I observe, I listen, I learn and then I teach. I practice the art of soulful healing. The most important part of the journey is loving yourself first.

For all those asking, yes I look young, but I am 24 years old!

I graduated from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. Upon graduating I traveled the world for 3 years on my own personal spiritual journey. Through this process, I learned the importance of self love, health and wellness, and letting go. I then started my very own business as a Personal/Catering Chef in San Francisco, CA. I became dedicated to a VEGAN Lifestyle. Through this process I learned the importance of giving back, taking care of our youth, and Unity. With this new love and discovery, I created life. I became a mother, and am now proud to have 2 beautiful boys (Ages 1 & 2). Now I spend my days in books, in nature, and submerged in life learning so that I can share all that comes through. As a creative writer, public speaker, and motivational dancer, I share my passion with the world.


What I share with you is what I’ve learned, and what I continue to share is what I am continuing to learn.

Food for thought, If you pose the question, you are the only one that has the answer.

My Education

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
BS Psychology
Lee High School
HS Diploma

My Experience

CDF Freedom Schools
Assistant Teacher
Self - employed
Creative Writer - Freelance
Personal Chef/Catering
Special Collections - UTC Library