Krissawan Thongviroge

Thai language instructor

From Bangkok, Thailand.

Hello! This is my story.

I am a native Thai who has been living in the US for 30 years. I was born and raised in Bangkok. I came to America in 1992 as a foreign student.
I have a passion for teaching. I would enjoy teaching Thai language, Thai cooking , Thai classical dance and Thai culture.
I was a volunteer instructor to teach a group of young children between age 4-7 at the Thai temple in Maryland. I really enjoyed this activity and would love to teach both adults and children online.

In my classes, you will learn how to properly introduce yourself in Thai. The things you should and shouldn’t do in Thai culture. The festivals and fun things to do when visiting Thailand. Places to go shopping like a local and how to bargain. How to ask for help in an emergency situation or any help you might feel you need. Some basic Thai classical dance may be included in a class on a day you might feel the need for more physical activity.
You’re welcome to ask any questions or suggest some topic related to Thai language or culture that we can discuss in class. It will be a little journey to Thailand without leaving your home.
Learning Thai from a real local Thai who understands American culture as well as Thai should be fun and enjoyable for everyone.

My Education

Sukhothai Dhammatiraj University of Thailand
Bangkok Commercial Campus
Associate degree in accounting
Herzing College, Minnesota
Dental assistant
Dermal Science Institute ,Virginia

My Experience

Assistant and Consultant
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