Kerstin Carr

Professional Coaches

We are a women-owned coaching & consulting firm with a focus on empowering professional and personal leadership, engagement, and clarity through bold and meaningful change.

A little bit more about us:

We are Nichole Oocumma & Kerstin Carr who have designed both virtual and in-person coaching sessions & retreats to help women become their best selves!

We have designed the “Your Best Self” Virtual Classes to help you grow and explore what it means to be your best self.

Our services include one-on-one executive and life coaching sessions, hosting multi-day retreats, facilitating group training and workshops, and supporting team engagements, strategic alignment, and enhanced communication within the workplace.

Dr. Kerstin Carr

University of Regensburg (2008)
Doctorate in Travel Demand Management
Academy of Creative Coaching (2021)
Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
University of Regensburg (2002)
Masters in Geography & Psychology
Chief Regional Strategy Officer
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
ThinkWell Coaching & Consulting

Dr. Nichole Oocumma

Capella University (2019)
Doctorate in Organizational Leadership
The Ohio State University
Masters in Operational Administration
Sr. Director, Talent Management
ThinkWell Coaching & Consulting