Keith Manning

Instructor: Keith Manning

Nice to meet you! My name is Keith. I am a husband and stay-at-home-dad of two growing boys(6 and 9). I have been playing a musical instrument for over 20 years, and like most, I am always learning. It humbles me greatly to pass on the musical wisdom that's been gifted to me throughout the years, and I look forward to watching each of my student's progress through their journey of self-reflection and musical creativity.

Get Relaxed, Gain Rhythm

After spending 3 tours(Iraq(x2), Afghanistan) in the United States Armed Forces, I found that combining music with mindfulness and stress management was the best route for dealing with my random daily stress. As a father, I feel it’s important to be able to teach my boys on the best ways to deal with stress and failures by understanding their mistakes as a valuable lesson, and not a life ender. That is why I decided to teach music, because music is a forgiving teacher; Arguably the most inspiring.

As a percussion/mindfulness instructor, it is my job to teach your child the ways of beating a drum in time, and calmly. Let me say that word again, calmly. The pursuit to master “calm” is a virtuous one, and is a pursuit of many great things. When you mix calm with a musical instrument, the flow of creativity and creation present itself. Add a little tension, and like a kink in a hose, the flow stops. It is my mission to train your child to stay calm and practice patience and body control, all while learning the best instrument ever created.

My Education

Mcpherson College
College Percussion (2016-2017)
Veteran Affairs Music Therapy
Brownsburg High School
Jazz Player (2000-2002)

My Experience

Professional Drummer
Gigging/Recording Drummer
Mindfulness Instructor
Veterans Affairs
United States Army
United States Navy Seabess
Petty Officer 2nd Class/E-5
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