Katelyn Bernardo

Art Instructor, Forever Student

Katelyn Bernardo is an art student at California State University Long Beach who is pursuing a BFA in Pre-production/Animation. Although she currently resides in sunny Southern California, she was born and raised in the Silicon Valley of Northern California. Despite her concentration in Film, she also has experience in Graphic Design, photo editing, drawing, and painting. She's been pursuing art professionally for 4 years so far but created art for over a decade. There were many opportunities throughout her life where she shared the joy of art with others through jobs and volunteer work, and thankfully she'll get to do the same with these online classes! Feel free to talk to her about all sorts of art, art history, plants, and frogs. Art Instagram: Email:

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Katelyn Bernardo and I go by she/her pronouns. My ultimate goal in life is to become a Visual Development Artist/Animation director, although I will be satisfied with being a Storyboard Artist or Background Designer/Painter. With my art, I aim to tell stories and create worlds. I tend to explore societal, mental health, and communal issues, although sometimes I am simply interested in creating pretty pictures and moody atmospheres. In the end, I want to inspire others with my art, whether it be shifting their perspectives or evoking emotion. I would say my finest work thus far is my short animated documentary about teenage depression. I am currently helping my peers with their films as well as creating more personal art to fine-tune my style.

I am currently teaching Painting courses. However, I am interested in also teaching Digital Art, Storytelling in Film, Animation, and even Japanese.

My Education

Mountain View High School
High School Diploma (2019)
Freestyle Academy
Certificate of Completion (2019)
California State University Long Beach
BA Studio Arts (current)

My Experience

Community School of Music and Arts
Digital Art and Animation Camp Aide
EPA Center Arts
Art Instructor and Teaching Aide
Steve & Kate's Camp
Camp Counselor
Childcare Worker